The Experiences and Operations arm at Canopy Team took shape from the idea that the fan and venue experience can be enhanced through thoughtful coordination with all event stakeholders in devising and producing the event. With an eye on prioritizing the fan experience with operational efficiencies and care, Canopy Team is an extension of the event owner, side by side with event operations managers, event promoters, designers, contractors, and day of game staff to produce the overall experience.  Led by Paul Hanlon, a sports executive with both decade long team experience (Boston Red Sox) and decade long league experience (Major League Baseball), Canopy looks at the path of the fan experience from the very beginning to the conclusion (and how the experience will bring them back again and again).  Some of the aspects that Canopy focuses on are Guest Experience, Staff Training, Facility Management, Security Operations, Displays and Graphics.

The team works with the event and team marketing, sponsorship, ticketing, and all other stakeholders to make sure that the event promoter, architects, and designers consider all viewpoints in a condensed and organized fashion.  Canopy Team is dedicated to the implementation of new concepts and ideas, while building on and learning from the history of the team or project.

Through the prior experiences of its members, Canopy Team has been a part of the execution of MLB Clubs Postseason Events, MLB Postseason League Events, Large Scale Concerts, The NHL Winter Classic, The World Baseball Classic, MLB Field of Dreams game, MLB London Events, and a number of other unique events.

photo credit: Major League Baseball