To us, Canopy is more than a name. It’s a north star for our work, our vision, and our team. First and foremost, we are inspired by Canopy as a place of welcoming, gathering, shelter, and fun. It’s where people come together in shared space, in shared moments, to break bread, cheer, dance, and create community. Second, we are the umbrella, the Canopy, over all of your design, experiential, and building needs, serving as a coordinated team throughout a complex journey. And finally, we are rooted in a deep sense of environmental responsibility, and Canopy is a reminder of the network of natural resources that we are all stewards of as we build for the next generation.

At all stages of a project, no matter the size or scope, we approach design and programming from six key angles:

All teams, cities, regions, and venues have a story—from youth soccer camp memories to a storied major league franchise. Whatever it is, we seek to define and keep that story front and center throughout the design process.

Respect for Communities
If it is not serving its community, it does not belong. The fan base and target users, as well as their preferences, are always considered in the design and programming of a space.

For a venue to set a standard, it must serve as a model of interest for years to come. We look forward in all our projects, anticipating fan, partner, and league expectations.

Effective Innovation
Specialty seating concepts, strategically placed food and beverage locations, flexible event set ups, and unique opportunities for monetization are essential for drawing fans and partners into a space and motivating them to come back.

Financial Strategy
We develop and negotiate complex financial structures to secure funding for all aspects of a project, from public infrastructure to in-venue signage.

We meet people where they are, making each experience welcoming for all. We know that the user experience begins outside of the gates and approach each project with the goal of creating a frictionless experience.

Form and Function Integration
Not all aspects of a project need to be memorable. We also identify the essential parts of a project (security cameras, HVAS unites, power lines, etc.) early, and consider them in the design process for that they are easily disguised in the architecture.